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From your car to your home and health, Brown & Brown covers what’s important to you. We’ll help you protect what matters while avoiding extraneous costs. The goal: find the perfect balance between cost and peace of mind. Your needs and desires are unique, so we’ll design a custom plan to meet them. Trust our expert advisors to design a unique solution for your portfolio.


Whether you're looking to insure your first home or a family estate, Brown & Brown's professionals will tailor a plan to meet your needs. Our wide range of coverage includes options beyond what many firms offer. We'll cover your home's contents, additional structures, and collateral damage. Our Guaranteed Rebuilding Cost option ensures your home is rebuilt to its former quality, even if the cost exceeds your coverage limit.


Your condominium association covers the basic structure of the building, but what about everything else? You're responsible for your personal property, the unit's interior, and legal responsibilities to others. Any improvements or customizations to your unit may also require coverage. Our personal condominium insurance policies cover this and more—including vandalism and protection for when someone is injured on your property.


Brown & Brown offers one-policy protection for all your vehicles—luxury models, daily drivers, antique cars, motor homes, motorcycles, and even golf carts—often at considerably lower rates. Our experts will work with you to agree upon the amount you receive in the event of a total loss. And our liability coverage ensures protection of your personal assets should your accident injure others. Additionally, rent or borrow a vehicle for up to 90 days—anywhere in the world—and we'll cover it.


This is the broadest coverage in the industry. For extra protection and peace of mind, protect your assets with our personal excess liability coverage. Personal umbrella coverage protects you from lawsuits filed for property damage or personal injury. You'll also be covered in the event that another policy exceeds its liability limits. Additionally you can be covered for defamation, volunteer wrongful acts, non-profit boards and much more.We offer an extensive range of coverage, at competitive prices—all tailored to your unique needs.

Personal Articles

Are you concerned about a collection of fine art, coins, stamps, jewelry, or other possessions in your home? We offer protection for your valuables against all types of losses including mysterious disappearance. Choose from blanket or itemized coverage. Our versatile policies can be fine-tuned to suit your needs—and will cover your items regardless of whether you're at home or abroad. Owners who provide bills of sale or professional appraisals are rewarded with greater premium discounts, as are owners with qualifying security measures.


From small sailboats to luxury yachts, Brown & Brown offers comprehensive coverage for all types of watercraft. We cover damage to personal property, fishing equipment, and your vessel itself—no matter where you are on the water. We'll also pay for emergency costs such as towing should you become stranded. Depending on your vessel and your needs, choose from a wide range of coverage options, including liability protection and medical expenses should you or a passenger become injured.